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Projekt "F O C U S ON P A U S E S"    


Wir bieten in der Entwicklung dieses Projektes - seine neue räumliche Entscheidung je nach Ihren Interessen, gewisse innere Räume und Einrichtungen
We offer in development of this project - his new Spatial decision depending on your interests, CERTAIN INTERIOR SPACES AND FACILITIES

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There’s a short pause between breathing in and breathing out. Between the first breath and the last breath there’s a life-time. Focus on pauses! A prayer drum is turning around. Magic formulas are circling. They are purifying the space and bringing peace of mind. 150 million mantras are divided by bookmarks made of sacred grass. Does a human hand, wind or water set the construction in motion? It doesn’t matter, everyone will get what they’ve asked for. Focus on pauses! A bird will fold its wings and sit on a branch. A beast and a machine will stop, and a man whose eyes are tired will close them. Only thought is restless, it moves through the present into the future and back, Filling our inner emptiness. Focus on pauses! Lines, shapes and stains of colour - every artist paints his own mantras. What is he thinking about now? We trust him, as we have no choice. And hoping for favourable attention we start to move the drum. Focus on pauses!

Michael Kazakovtsev is interested in experimental art which is seeking new means and forms of expression. ‘Focus on Pauses’ is his new project. This time the artist expects to engage in lively communication with a broad democratic audience. The project is based on some of the common philosophical and religious ideas of the East. These reflections on life and on man are described in the text of the project concept. The project itself actually represents a group of interactive kinetic installations. Six complex structures are made along similar lines. The forms used in the structures are vaguely reminiscent of Buddhist prayer drums. Video, inventive play with abstract forms, diversifies and amplifies the visual range of the project.

Idea of the project – Michael Kazakovtsev Constructions – Eugene Gladkov Text – Elena Bertollo Poster design – Elena Tretyakova Technical support – Nikita Kazakovtsev Manufacture and installation – ELMY company Location – Old Town Gallery, Novosibirsk Time – January 2010

W I R      B A U E N     N E U E      W E B S E I T E . . .N E U E    D E S I G N

м ы    р а б о т а е м    н а д    н о в ы м    с о д е р ж а н и е м    и    д и з а й н о м    с т р а н и ц ы

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